Profession building caretaker

Building caretakers take care of apartment houses, hotels, offices, churches and other buildings and maintain them and associated grounds in a clean and orderly condition. They may supervise other workers and contractors depending on the size and nature of the building concerned.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

Related professions attendant, guard

  • Air marshal
  • Airport attendant
  • Beach patrolman
  • Bike shed attendant
  • Bodyguard
  • Border inspector
  • Bouncer, doorman
  • Car parking attendant
  • Coastguard
  • Doorkeeper
  • Fair ground attendant
  • First line supervisor of protective service workers
  • First-aid attendant
  • Guard industrial site
  • Leisure park attendant
  • Lifeguard
  • Marina attendant
  • Museum attendant
  • Private detective
  • Public park attendant
  • Security guard
  • Town watchman
  • Traffic attendant (station)
  • Traffic attendant (train, tram, metro, bus)


  • Execute inspection walkway

    Carry out a route in order to verify if all the doors and windows are closed.

  • Handle customer complaints

    Administer complaints and negative feedback from customers in order to address concerns and where applicable provide a quick service recovery.

  • Follow company standards

    Lead and manage according to the organisation's code of conduct.

  • Register information on arrivals and departures

    Write down information about visitors, patrons or employees, such as identity, the company they represent and time of arrival or departure.

  • Liaise with managers

    Liaise with managers of other departments ensuring effective service and communication, i.e. sales, planning, purchasing, trading, distribution and technical.

  • Manage ground maintenance

    Plan and direct the work of ground maintenance workers and units and maintain all natural areas.

  • Comply with legal regulations

    Ensure you are properly informed of the legal regulations that govern a specific activity and adhere to its rules, policies and laws.

  • Examine the conditions of buildings

    Monitor and assess the conditions of buildings in order to detect faults, structural problems, and damages. Assess general building cleanliness for grounds maintenance and real estate purposes.

  • Manage cleaning activities

    Oversee cleaning activities undertaken by employees.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform minor repairs to equipment clean surfaces use gardening equipment perform safety inspections perform ground maintenance activities write work-related reports budgetary principles inspect building systems apply conflict management ensure compliance with noise standards clean rooms deliver correspondence fill out forms handle veterinary emergencies

Common job titles

  • Caretaker for a private lodge on the gold medal bighorn river
  • Caretakers (live-in)
  • Caretaker -- for property
  • Caretaker j (ha)
  • On-site farm caretaker
  • Site caretaker/educator - part time
  • Therapeutic staff support (tss)
  • Building caretaker - dogtopia
  • Social caseworker iv - safe kids, families together team
  • Public programs team lead