Profession candle maker

Candle makers mold candles, place the wick in the middle of the mold and fill the mold with wax, by hand or machine. They remove the candle from the mold, scrape off excess wax and inspect the candle for any deformities.

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Personality Type

  • Artistic / Realistic


  • Types of waxes

    Waxes are organic compounds composed of alkyl chains and they can have different origins. There are animal waxes such as beewax, plant waxes such as soja or palm wax, and petroleum derived waxes.

  • Candle making techniques

    The characteristics and specifications of candle making techniques which comprise wax melting and candles containers.


  • Insert wick

    Cut the wick to specified length and insert it into the mould of the candle.

  • Tend wax bleaching machinery

    Tend machinery used in candlemaking such as vats and filter presses to bleach wax.

  • Drip candles

    Drip wicks in heated wax repeatedly to create candles, either by hand or machine.

  • Cool candles in baths

    Dip the candles or molds into a water bath in order to accelerate cooling and create a shinier surface.

  • Fill moulds

    Fill up moulds with appropriate materials and ingredient mixes.

  • Control temperature

    Measure and adjust temperature of a given space or object.

  • Use moulding techniques

    Apply moulding techniques.

  • Ensure conformity to specifications

    Ensure that the assembled products are conform to the specifications given.

  • Construct moulds

    Construct moulds for the casting of objects in plaster, clay, glass, plastic or metal. Use casting machines and materials such as rubber, plaster or fibreglass.

  • Melt wax

    Safely heat wax to the correct temperature so it melts and becomes a pliable susbtance.

  • Grade candles

    Rate candles according to type, colour and size.

  • Dye candles

    Apply a dye to the candle wax to obtain the desired colour.

  • Shape candles

    Cut and trim candles to specified sizes, using handtools such as knives or hand dies.

  • Extract products from moulds

    Remove finished products from moulds and examine them in detail for anomalies.

Optional knowledge and skills

beeswax ensure correct goods labelling select mould types quality standards add scent repair mould defects ensure mould uniformity carve materials trim excess materials match product moulds maintain mould parts order supplies pack goods set up the controller of a machine use heat gun record production data