Profession cocktail bartender

Cocktail bartenders perform expert mixing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Identify customer's needs

    Use appropriate questions and active listening in order to identify customer expectations, desires and requirements according to product and services.

  • Clear the bar at closing time

    Free the bar at closing time by politely encouraging patrons to leave at closing time according to policy.

  • Operate dishwashing machine

    Handle dishwashing machines with used plates, glass, service utensils and cutlery.

  • Assist customers

    Provide support and advice to customers in making purchasing decisions by finding out their needs, selecting suitable service and products for them and politely answering questions about products and services.

  • Handle bar equipment

    Use bar equipment such as cocktail shakers, blenders and cutting boards.

  • Stock the bar

    Keep and replenish bar inventory and bar supplies.

  • Serve beverages

    Provide a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, mineral waters, wine and bottled beer over a counter or using a tray.

  • Enforce alcohol drinking laws

    Implement local legislation surrounding the selling of alcoholic beverages, including its sale to minors.

  • Work according to recipe

    Perform tasks in food preparation according to recipe or specification in order to preserve the quality of ingredients and to ensure replication accuracy of the recipe. Select the appropriate materials to follow the recipe, taking into account the current situation.

  • Setup the bar area

    Arrange the bar area such as the counter, equipment, side stations, side tables and displays, so that it is ready for the upcoming shift and in conditions which follow safe, hygienic and secure procedures.

  • Maintain customer service

    Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

  • Execute opening and closing procedures

    Apply standard opening and closing procedures for bar, store or restaurant.

  • Prepare mixed beverages

    Make a range of mixed alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails and long drinks and non-alcoholic drinks according to the recipes.

  • Handover the service area

    Leave service area in conditions which follow safe and secure procedures, so that it is ready for the next shift.

  • Take payments for bills

    Accept payments from customers by cash money or credit cards.

  • Present drinks menu

    Acquaint guests with items on the drinks menu, make recommendations and answer questions regarding beverages.

  • Assemble cocktail garnishes

    Create cocktail garnishes by applying decorations such as straws, stirrers, spices and condiments.

  • Extract juices

    Obtain juice from fruits or vegetables either manually or by using equipment.

  • Display spirits

    Show full range of available spirits in a visually pleasing manner.

  • Comply with food safety and hygiene

    Respect optimal food safety and hygiene during preparation, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution and delivery of food products.

  • Upsell products

    Persuade customers to buy additional or more expensive products.

  • Maintain bar cleanliness

    Keep cleanliness in all the bar areas including counters, sinks, glasses, shelves, floors and storage areas.

  • Process payments

    Accept payments such as cash, credit cards and debit cards. Handle reimbursement in case of returns or administer vouchers and marketing instruments such as bonus cards or membership cards. Pay attention to safety and the protection of personal data.

  • Think creatively about food and beverages

    Generate innovative and creative ideas to come up with new recipes, preparations of food and beverages and new ways to present the products.

  • Prepare fruit ingredients for use in beverages

    Cut or blend fruits for use in preparation and decoration of drinks such as cocktails and aperitifs.

  • Present decorative drink displays

    Show drinks in the most attractive way and develop decorative drink displays.

  • Handle glassware

    Utilise glassware by polishing, cleaning and storing it properly.

  • Create new recipes

    Combine innovative and creative ideas to come up with new recipes and preparations to extend the product of range of a company. Make modifications to recipes in order to enhance taste, reach productivity goals, develop and improve products.

Optional knowledge and skills

devise special promotions create decorative food displays take food and beverage orders from customers compile drinks menu sparkling wines compile drinks price lists handle gas cylinders