Profession companion

Companions perform housekeeping duties and meal preparation for the people they assist on their own premises such as elderly people or people with special needs or who suffer from an illness. They also provide entertainment activities such as playing cards or reading stories. They may do shopping activities as well as punctual transportation to doctor's appointments, etc.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Social / Realistic


  • Make the beds

    Clean sheets, turn mattresses, plump pillows and change cushions.

  • Iron textiles

    Pressing and ironing in order to shape or flatten textiles giving them their final finishing appearance. Iron by hand or with steam pressers.

  • Relate empathetically

    Recognise, understand and share emotions and insights experienced by another.

  • Use cooking techniques

    Apply cooking techniques including grilling, frying, boiling, braising, poaching, baking or roasting.

  • Wash the laundry

    Wash or clean clothes by hand or by use of a washing machine.

  • Use food preparation techniques

    Apply food preparation techniques including the selecting, washing, cooling, peeling, marinating, preparing of dressings and cutting of ingredients.

  • Clean surfaces

    Disinfect surfaces in accordance with sanitary standards.

  • Keep company

    Be with people to do stuff together, such as talking, playing games or having a drink.

  • Preserve health and safety of others

    Understand health and safety requirements, identify the level of risk and responsibility, and implement relevant emergency procedures.

  • Empathise with the healthcare user

    Understand the background of clients` and patients’ symptoms, difficulties and behaviour. Be empathetic about their issues; showing respect and reinforcing their autonomy, self-esteem and independence. Demonstrate a concern for their welfare and handle according to the personal boundaries, sensitivities, cultural differences and preferences of the client and patient in mind.

  • Prepare sandwiches

    Make filled and open sandwiches, paninis and kebabs.

  • Prepare ready-made dishes

    Get ready for serving snacks and sandwiches or heat up ready-made bar products if requested.

  • Accompany people

    Chaperon individuals on trips, to events or appointments or to go shopping.

  • Show social competences

    Ability to interact effectively with other people.

  • Listen actively

    Give attention to what other people say, patiently understand points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times; able to listen carefully the needs of customers, clients, passengers, service users or others, and provide solutions accordingly.

  • Clean rooms

    Clean rooms by cleaning glasswork and windows, polishing furniture, vacuuming carpets, scrubing hard floors, and removing garbage.

Optional knowledge and skills

feed pets provide first aid provide dog walking services give advice on personal matters administer appointments buy groceries support individuals to adjust to physical disability assist clients with special needs perform dusting activities support nurses drive vehicles use gardening equipment wash vehicles

Common job titles

  • Caregiver/personal care assistant - new haven
  • Senior companion $13-$14 per hour
  • Companion aide-no certification
  • Driver companion
  • Companion caregiver
  • Patient safety companion
  • Caregiver for elderly in home care
  • Homemaker/companion (glendale, ca)
  • Data analyst
  • Caregiver/ cna