Profession competition policy officer

Competition policy officers manage the development of regional and national competition policies and law, in order to regulate competition and competitive practices, to encourage open and transparent trade practices and to protect consumers and businesses.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Government policy implementation

    The procedures involved in the implementation of government policies in national and local governmental organisations.

  • Market analysis

    The field of market analysis and research and its particular research methods.

  • Business processes

    Processes which an organisation applies to improve efficiency, set new objectives and reach goals in a profitable and timely manner.

  • Business strategy concepts

    The terminology related to the design and implementation of major trends and aims which are taken by an organisation's executives, while keeping in mind its resources, competition and environments.

  • Consumer law

    The area of law that regulates the relationship between consumer and businesses providing goods or services, including consumer protection and regulations on irregular business practices.

  • Competition law

    The legal regulations that maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive behaviour of companies and organisations.


  • Investigate competition restrictions

    Investigate practices and methodologies used by businesses or organisations which restrict free trade and competition, and which facilitate market dominance by a single firm, in order to identify the causes and come up with solutions in order to ban these practices.

  • Advise on legislative acts

    Advise officials in a legislature on the propositioning of new bills and the consideration of items of legislation.

  • Promote free trade

    Develop strategies for the promotion of free trade, open competition between businesses for the development of economic growth, in order to gain support for free trade and competition regulation policies.

  • Maintain relations with local representatives

    Maintain good relations with representatives of the local scientific, economic and civil society.

  • Manage government policy implementation

    Manage the operations of the implementation of new government policies or changes in existing policies on a national or regional level as well as the staff involved in the implementation procedure..

  • Maintain relationships with government agencies

    Establish and maintain cordial working relationships with peers in different governmental agencies.

  • Develop competition policies

    Develop policies and programmes which regulate practices of free trade and competition between businesses and ban practices which impede free trade, by controlling firms attempting to dominate a market, monitoring operations of cartels, and supervising mergers and acquisitions of large firms.

  • Liaise with local authorities

    Maintain the liaison and exchange of information with regional or local authorities.

  • Create solutions to problems

    Solve problems which arise in planning, prioritising, organising, directing/facilitating action and evaluating performance. Use systematic processes of collecting, analysing, and synthesising information to evaluate current practice and generate new understandings about practice.

Optional knowledge and skills

advise on government policy compliance project management principles perform market research scientific research methodology ensure information transparency analyse goal progress inspect government policy compliance perform project management corporate law develop professional network present reports carry out strategic research