Profession customs officer

Customs officers combat the importation of illegal goods, firearms, drugs or other dangerous or illegal items while checking the legality of items brought across national borders. They are government officials who control the documents to ensure entry criteria and custom laws are complied with and control if the custom taxes are paid correctly.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising
  • Enterprising / Social
  • Enterprising / Realistic


  • Customs law

    The legal regulations that govern the import of goods in a country.

  • Licences regulation

    The requirements and rules that must be compliant for a permit or licence.


  • Prevent smuggling

    Stop people from moving illegally objects such as dutiable, excisable or prohibited goods into or out of a country.

  • Manage import export licenses

    Ensure the effective issuing of permits and licenses in import and export processes.

  • Advise customers

    Give information to people regarding import and export restrictions, tariff systems and other custom-related topics.

  • Check official documents

    Check an individuals' official documentation, such as driver's licenses and identification, to ensure compliance with legal regulations, and to identify and assess individuals.

  • Advise on licencing procedures

    Advise individuals or organisations on the procedures involved in requesting a specific licence, instructing them on the necessary documentation, the application verification process, and licence eligibility.

Optional knowledge and skills

use communication techniques write work-related reports execute analytical mathematical calculations pose questions referring to documents attention to detail provide testimony in court hearings undertake inspections surveillance methods listen actively think analytically

Common job titles

  • Border patrol agent (intelligence) reassignment opportunity bulletin
  • Customs and border protection officer
  • Customs and border protection officer (direct hire)
  • Border patrol agent (direct hire)
  • Custom protection officer
  • Armed custom protection officer
  • Education officer
  • Custom protection officer (armed)
  • Operations officer
  • Unarmed custom protection officer