Profession Dental prosthesis technician

Dental prosthesis technician

Dental prosthesis technicians construct and repair full or partial dentures or dental appliances.

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Tasks dental prosthesis technician

  • Make, alter and repair appliances for patients with cleft palates, braces and plates for correcting irregular teeth and mouth guards.
  • Create models of patient's mouth by pouring plaster into dental impression and allowing plaster to set.
  • Melt metals or mix plaster, porcelain, or acrylic paste, and pour materials into moulds or over frameworks to form dental prostheses or apparatus.
  • Prepare metal surfaces for bonding with porcelain to create artificial teeth, using small hand tools.
  • Remove excess metal or porcelain, and polish surfaces of prostheses or frameworks using polishing machines.
  • Load newly constructed teeth into porcelain furnaces to bake porcelain onto metal framework.
  • Build and shape wax teeth, using small hand instruments and information from observations or dentists' specifications.
  • Evaluate functionality of tooth model by positioning the model on apparatus that mimics bite and patient's jaw movement.
  • Polish and finish appliance prior to it being placed in patient's mouth.
  • Consult the work process file(s).

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