Profession Display designer

Display designer

Display decorators plan and erect commercial displays, e.g. in windows and interiors of retail stores and at trade exhibitions.

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Personality Type

Tasks display designer

  • Consult with relevant parties (e.g. clients, advertising and sales staff, or supervisors) to obtain necessary information, e.g. the type of merchandise to be featured and time and place for each display.
  • Obtain plans from display designers or display managers, and discuss their implementation with relevant parties (e.g. clients, in-store sales staff or supervisors).
  • Develop ideas or plans for merchandise displays or window decorations.
  • Sketch and draw designs and plans, e.g. by hand or computer.
  • Construct or assemble displays and display components from various materials (e.g. fabric, glass, wood, paper, plastic) according to specifications, e.g. using hand tools and power tools.
  • Obtain products and other display items from supplying parties.
  • Arrange the display or window setting, according to the design plan, using properties, furniture, merchandise, backdrops and other accessories, placing prices and signs, etc.
  • Take photographs of displays and signage, e.g. to create visual merchandising packs to ensure all stores are consistent with the company brand and image.
  • Dismantle existing displays and return merchandise.
  • Advise retailers on the optimum display of merchandise.
  • Give feedback about displays, e.g. to head office, buying teams, etc.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB