Profession Electrical engineer (professional)

    Electrical engineer (professional)

Electrical engineers design, develop, inspect, test, and supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for a variety of uses (e.g., commercial, industrial, domestic).

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Personality Type

Tasks electrical engineer (professional)

  • Discuss existing or potential electrical engineering projects and products with relevant parties (engineers, customers, etc.).
  • Prepare contract documents, e.g. for construction or maintenance.
  • Design and improve electrical circuits, components, systems, equipment, etc.
  • Prepare estimates for time and materials costs.
  • Prepare specifications for purchase of materials and equipment.
  • Develop standards (e.g. installation, maintenance and operating standards) and specifications for electrical systems, equipment or products.
  • Implement and maintain electrical circuits, components, systems, equipment, etc.
  • Supervise electrical engineering projects, e.g. installation, modification, testing and operation of electrical systems, equipment or products.
  • Inspect completed electrical systems, equipment or products.
  • Investigate and solve technical failures.

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