Profession employment programme coordinator

Employment programme coordinators research and develop employment programmes and policies to improve employment standards and reduce issues such as unemployment. They supervise promotion of policy plans and coordinate implementation.

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Personality Type


  • Scientific research methodology

    The theoretical methodology used in scientific research involving doing background research, constructing an hypothesis, testing it, analysing data and concluding the results.

  • Government policy implementation

    The procedures related to the application of government policies at all levels of public administration.

  • Project management principles

    Different elements and phases of project management.

  • Employment law

    The law which mediates the relationship between employees and employers. It concerns employees' rights at work which are binding by the work contract.


  • Perform project management

    Manage and plan various resources, such as human resources, budget, deadline, results, and quality necessary for a specific project, and monitor the project's progress in order to achieve a specific goal within a set time and budget.

  • Promote employment policy

    Promote the development and implementation of policies which aim to improve employment standards, and reduce unemployment rates, in order to acquire governmental and public support.

  • Analyse unemployment rates

    Analyse data and perform research concerning unemployment in a region or nation in order to identify causes for unemployment and possible solutions.

  • Carry out strategic research

    Research long term possibilities for improvements and plan steps to achieve them.

  • Maintain relations with local representatives

    Maintain good relations with representatives of the local scientific, economic and civil society.

  • Liaise with local authorities

    Maintain the liaison and exchange of information with regional or local authorities.

  • Develop employment policies

    Develop and supervise the implementation of policies which aim to improve employment standards such as working conditions, hours, and pay, as well as reduce unemployment rates.

Optional knowledge and skills

gather feedback from employees create solutions to problems advise on legislative acts develop professional network analyse goal progress promote social change manage government policy implementation promote equal pay promote inclusion in organisations protect employee rights ensure information transparency advise on government policy compliance business processes set inclusion policies personnel management

Source: Sisyphus ODB