Profession engine designer

Engine designers carry out engineering duties in designing mechanical equipment such as machines and all types of engines. They also supervise their installation and maintenance.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Realistic
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Vehicle electrical systems

    Know vehicle electrical systems, including components such as the battery, starter, and alternator. The battery provides energy to the starter. The alternator provides the battery the energy it requires to power the vehicle. Understand the interplay of these components to resolve malfunctions.

  • CAD software

    The computer-aided design (CAD) software for creating, modifying, analysing or optimising a design.

  • Ecological principles

    The understanding of how an ecosystem functions and its relationship to environmental planning and design.

  • Motor vehicle parts drawings

    The various types of technical drawings used in relation to motor vehicles parts.


  • Adjust engineering designs

    Adjust designs of products or parts of products so that they meet requirements.

  • Use CAD software

    Use computer-aided design (CAD) systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimisation of a design.

  • Calculate materals

    Determine the amount and the kind of materals necessary to build certain machines or equipment.

  • Calculate design costs

    Calculate design costs to make sure the project is financially viable.

  • Vehicle trends

    Gather information about the current trends and styles of vehicles, and the need for new products or services.

  • Conduct research on trends in design

    Conduct research on present and future evolutions and trends in design, and associated target market features.

Optional knowledge and skills

collaborate with designers attend design meetings approve engineering design adapt to new design materials use specialised design software evaluate engine performance collaborate with engineers office software design drawings design process packaging processes packaging engineering 3d modelling