Profession escort

Escorts accompany persons to social events but also on more private occasions, such as dinners or visits of night clubs. They may be in charge of arranging transportation and buying tickets to places of interest. This might include the provision of erotic or sexual services to the client in case it is a legal activity in the respective country.  

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Personality Type


  • Accompany people

    Chaperon individuals on trips, to events or appointments or to go shopping.

  • Provide escort services

    Offer companionship to clients in both private and public settings.

  • Maintain privacy in escort services

    Offer escort services to clients on a confidential basis. Respect the clients' privacy by not disclosing any personal information about them.

  • Provide physical intimacy

    Provide physical intimacy such as sexual services to clients according to laws and regulations.

  • Ensure health and safety in escort services

    Implement and monitor health and safety practices to ensure health and safety of both the client and oneself.

Optional knowledge and skills

screen clients of escort services promote yourself be in touch with your body

Source: Sisyphus ODB