Profession event assistant

Event assistant implement and follow plans detailed by event managers and planners. They specialise in a part of the planning either the coordination of the catering, transportation, or the facilities.

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Personality Type


  • Process commissioned instructions

    Process instructions, usually oral ones, provided by managers and directives on actions required to be made. Take note, inquire, and take action on the commissioned requests.

  • Monitor event activities

    Monitor event activities to ensure that regulations and laws are followed, look after satisfaction of participants, and resolve any problems arise.

  • Solicit event publicity

    Design advertisement and publicity campaign for upcoming events or exhibitions; attract sponsors.

  • Maintain event records

    Maintain records of every administrative aspect of an upcoming event, including financial details.

  • Meet deadlines

    Ensure operative processes are finished at a previously agreed-upon time.

  • Organise event participants' registration

    Organise the official registration of event participants.

  • Promote event

    Generate interest in an event by carrying out promotion actions, such as placing ads or distributing flyers

  • Coordinate catering

    Contact catering companies and shop around different providers in order to find the most suitable caterer for the event. Arrange and agree contracts with caterers for the provision of the service.

  • Confer with event staff

    Communicate with staff members at a chosen event site to coordinate details.

  • Manage event structure installation

    Plan and monitor the assembly of structures such as stages, connection to the electricity network, lighting and projection equipment. Make sure the employees work according to customer's requirements and safety regulations.

  • Negotiate contracts with event providers

    Negotiate contracts with service providers for an upcoming event, such as hotels, convention centres, and speakers.

  • Select event providers

    Evaluate and select the right providers of the right services, according to the customer's specific requirements.

  • Obtain event permits

    Obtain all permits that are legally necessary to organise an event or exhibition, e.g. by contacting the fire or health department. Make sure that food can be served safely and in accordance with all legal requirements.

  • Review event bills

    Check event bills and proceed with the payments.

  • Organise on-site amenities

    Ensure that necessary daily amenities for visitors, vendors, expositors, and public in general are given and functioning properly. Ensure provision of reception, parking, toilets, catering, and accommodation amenities.

  • Arrange special events

    Organise the necessary preparations for catering at special events such as conferences, large parties or banquets.

Optional knowledge and skills

process booking organise travel arrangements for staff liaise with transportation companies create event-specific menus liaise with local authorities organise facilities for office personnel identify customer requirements negotiate buying conditions liaise with guest facilities providers manage budgets inspect event facilities make logistical arrangements identify suppliers project management forecast catering services liaise with event sponsors liaise with managers liaise with advertising agencies quote prices contact event speakers visit suppliers

Source: Sisyphus ODB