Profession explosives engineer

Explosives engineers design drilling patterns and determine the amount of explosives required. They organise and supervise controlled blasts and report and investigate misfires. They manage explosives magazines.

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  • Impact of geological factors on mining operations

    Be aware of the impact of geological factors, such as faults and rock movements, on mining operations.

  • Electricity

    Understand the principles of electricity and electrical power circuits, as well as the associated risks.

  • Explosives

    Behaviour of explosives, pyrotechnics and blasting techniques. Associated risks and legal requirements.

  • Chemistry

    The composition, structure, and properties of substances and the processes and transformations that they undergo; the uses of different chemicals and their interactions, production techniques, risk factors, and disposal methods.

  • Geology

    Solid earth, rock types, structures and the processes by which they are altered.


  • Decide quantity of explosives required

    Calculate the exact amount of explosives needed, based on the amount of material that needs to be removed, budgetary constraints and noise concerns.

  • Use a computer

    Utilise computer equipment or digital devices to facilitate quality control, data management, and communication. Follow instructions given by a computer programme, create computer files or documents.

  • Issue drilling instructions

    Prepare charge holes for drilling and issue instructions prior to and during drilling.

  • Report outcome of blast

    After examining the blast area, report whether the blast was successful or not. Mention any relevant findings from the examination.

  • Ensure compliance with safety legislation

    Implement safety programmes to comply with national laws and legislation. Ensure that equipment and processes are compliant with safety regulations.

  • Report misfires

    Report misfires to relevant parties, such as the mine shift coordinator, legal inspection personnel, and the explosives manufacturer.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Manage explosives in accordance with legislation

    Manage explosives in accordance with explosives law, including tracking and control of the magazine.

  • Examine prospective blast area

    Thoroughly examine explosion areas; determine the appropriate amount of explosives required; ensure compliance to safety regulations.

  • Sequence explosions

    Time specified sequences/patterns of explosions.

  • Address problems critically

    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of various abstract, rational concepts, such as issues, opinions, and approaches related to a specific problematic situation in order to formulate solutions and alternative methods of tackling the situation.

Optional knowledge and skills

mining engineering supervise staff safely detonate explosives signal for explosion mine safety legislation present reports

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