Profession financial analyst

Financial analysts conduct quantitative analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising
  • Conventional / Investigative
  • Enterprising / Conventional

Related professions finance, economics

  • Budget analyst
  • Debt, rent or cash collector
  • Econometrician
  • Economist
  • Finance or sales associate professional, all other
  • Financial advisor
  • Financial clerk
  • Loan officer
  • Money changer
  • Money-lender
  • Personal financial advisor


  • Statistics

    The study of statistical theory, methods and practices such as collection, organisation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of data including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments in order to forecast and plan work-related activities.

  • Macroeconomics

    The economic field that studies the performance and behaviour of all the sectors of an economy aggregated. This field evaluates the financial performance of a country and considers indicator such as gross domestic product (GDP), price levels, unemployment rates, and inflation.

  • Business processes

    Processes which an organisation applies to improve efficiency, set new objectives and reach goals in a profitable and timely manner.

  • Economics

    Economic principles and practices, financial and commodity markets, banking and the analysis of financial data.

  • Microeconomics

    The economic field that studies the behaviour and interactions between specific actors of the economy, namely consumers and firms. It is the field that analyses the decision-making process of individuals and the factors that influence purchasing decisions.

  • Financial management

    The field of finance that concerns the practical process analysis and tools for designating financial resources. It encompasses the structure of businesses, the investment sources, and the value increase of corporations due to managerial decision-making.

  • Accounting

    The documentation and processing of data regarding financial activities.


  • Consider economic criteria in decision making

    Develop proposals and take appropriate decisions taking into account economic criteria.

  • Offer financial services

    Provide a broad range of financial services to clients such as assistance with financial products, financial planning, insurances, money and investment management.

  • Interpret financial statements

    Read, understand, and interpret the key lines and indicators in financial statements. Extract the most important information from financial statements depending on the needs and integrate this information in the development of the department's plans.

  • Advise on financial matters

    Consult, advise, and propose solutions with regards to financial management such as acquiring new assets, incurring in investments, and tax efficiency methods.

  • Perform business research

    Search and collect information relevant for the development of businesses in different fields ranging from legal, accounting, finance, up to commercial matters.

  • Perform business analysis

    Evaluate the condition of a business on its own and in relation to the competitive business domain, performing research, placing data in context of the business' needs and determining areas of opportunity.

  • Use mathematical tools and equipment

    Use portable electronic device to perform both basic and complex operations of arithmetic.

  • Prepare financial projections

    Gather financial data, exert analyses, and come up with financial projections for small and big businesses.

  • Create a financial report

    Finalise project accounting. Prepare an actual budget, compare the discrepancy between the planned and actual budget, and draw final conclusions.

Optional knowledge and skills

financial forecasting financial products provide cost benefit analysis reports mergers and acquisitions monitor loan portfolio ensure compliance with disclosure criteria of accounting information cost management create a financial plan handle mergers and acquisitions develop investment portfolio stock market cost metrics public offering monitor stock market analyse financial performance of a company explain financial technicalities to clients assess financial viability advise on tax planning analyse financial risk

Common job titles

  • Financial analyst - apple finance
  • Financial analyst
  • 2017 financial analyst
  • Budget analyst i
  • Financial analyst (full time) - united states
  • Entry level - financial analyst
  • Finance analyst - early career