Profession Financial services manager

Financial services manager

Financial institution branch managers direct and coordinate financial activities of workers in a branch, office, or department of an establishment, such as branch bank, brokerage firm, risk and insurance department, or credit department.

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Tasks financial services manager

  • Plan, direct and coordinate the activities of staff in the branch or department.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with individual and business customers.
  • Provide assistance with customers' problems, such as heritage matters, changes in law that affect customers, etc.
  • Examine, evaluate and process loan applications.
  • Monitor credit extension decisions.
  • Conduct financial investigations.
  • Oversee the flow of cash and financial instruments, and prepare financial and regulatory reports.
  • Recruit staff members, evaluate their performance, and coordinate training programmes.
  • Approve or reject, or coordinate the approval or rejection of, lines of credit and commercial, real estate and personal loans.
  • Coordinate the cooperation with the other branches of the company.

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