Profession gambling, betting, and lottery games designer

Gambling, betting, and lottery games designers design innovative gambling, betting and lottery games. They determine the design, gaming rules or structure of a game. Gambling, betting, and lottery games designers may also demonstrate the game to individuals.

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Personality Type


  • Aesthetics

    Set of principles based on which something is appealing and beautiful.

  • Legal standards in gambling

    The legal requirements, rules and limitations in gambling and betting activities.

  • Graphic design

    The techniques to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

  • Games rules

    Set of principles and rules that govern a game

  • Publicity code

    The legislation and rules of publicity when presenting a product in text, pictures or other symbols.


  • Create gambling games concepts

    Imagine the concepts to be used in creating a gambling, betting and lottery game.

  • Formulate game rules

    Compose a series of rules as to how to play a game.

  • Apply publicity code

    Apply legislation and rules to present products to a public in texts, pictures and other symbols.

  • Ensure legal gaming

    Monitor gaming operations to ensure that juridical regulations and house rules are respected at all times.

  • Demonstrate games

    Explain and demonstrate games and game rules to new players/visitors.

  • Follow ethical code of conduct of gambling

    Follow the rules and ethical code used in gambling, betting and lottery. Keep the entertainment of players in mind.

Optional knowledge and skills

adapt developed game to the market solve problems in gambling through digital means apply gaming psychology design the digital interface of gambling, betting and lottery games design the physical outlook of games design graphics use technical drawing software develop animations

Source: Sisyphus ODB