Profession gambling, betting, and lottery quality assurance engineer

Gambling, betting and lottery quality assurance engineers design and plan methods to test the gambling, the lottery or betting games. They execute the tests. These games can be both for public or for private audience, and the tests are for both online and land-based gaming.

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Personality Type


  • Legal standards in gambling

    The legal requirements, rules and limitations in gambling and betting activities.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change. It involves the identification of patterns and formulating new conjectures based on them. Mathematicians strive to prove the truth or falsity of these conjectures. There are many fields of mathematics, some of which are widely used for practical applications.

  • Probability theory

    The branch of mathematics concerned with the analysis of random phenomena.


  • Develop work plans to solve problems

    Ability to develop specific goals and plans to prioritise, organise, and accomplish work.

  • Report gaming incidents

    Report accordingly about incidents during gambling, betting and lottery games.

  • Perform services in a flexible manner

    Adapt service approach when circumstances change.

  • Attend gaming tests

    Be in attendance when the technical and live gaming tests are taking place, to receive feedback and make the necessary alterations.

  • Solve problems in gambling through digital means

    Use ICT resources, tools and competence in order to solve gambling, betting and lottery problems such as game operation problems.

  • Follow ethical code of conduct of gambling

    Follow the rules and ethical code used in gambling, betting and lottery. Keep the entertainment of players in mind.

Optional knowledge and skills

software components libraries ict software specifications hardware components apply gaming psychology statistical analysis system software multimedia systems games rules adapt developed game to the market sas language ict hardware specifications create game testing software

Source: Sisyphus ODB