Profession government planning inspector

Government planning inspectors monitor the development and implementation of government plans and policies, as well as processing planning and policy proposals, and performing inspections of planning procedures.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Enterprising


  • Scientific research methodology

    The theoretical methodology used in scientific research involving doing background research, constructing an hypothesis, testing it, analysing data and concluding the results.

  • Government policy implementation

    The procedures involved in the implementation of government policies in national and local governmental organisations.

  • Audit techniques

    The techniques and methods that support a systematic and independent examination of data, policies, operations and performances using computer-assisted audit tools and techniques (CAATs) such as spreadsheets, databases, statistical analysis and business intelligence software.


  • Conduct workplace audits

    Conduct work site audits and inspections in order to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

  • Monitor policy proposals

    Monitor documentation and processes which deal with proposals of new policies and methods of implementation to identify any problems and inspect their compliance with legislation.

  • Advise on government policy compliance

    Advise organisations on how they may improve their compliance to the applicable government policies they are required to adhere to, and the necessary steps which need to be taken in order to ensure complete compliance.

  • Write inspection reports

    Write the results and conclusions of the inspection in a clear and intelligible way. Log the inspection's processes such as contact, outcome, and steps taken.

  • Follow up complaint reports

    Follow up complaints or accident reports in order to take adequate measures to solve problems. Contact the relevant authorities or internal staff to provide solutions in various situations.

  • Identify policy breach

    Identify instances of non-compliance to set plans and policies in an organisation, and take the appropriate course of action by issuing penalties and outlining the changes which need to be made.

  • Inspect government policy compliance

    Inspect public and private organisations to ensure proper implementation and compliance to government policies which apply to the organisation.

Optional knowledge and skills

project management principles keep task records advise legislators agricultural sector policies transportation sector policies energy sector policies ensure law application ensure information transparency trade sector policies analyse goal progress budgetary principles communications sector policies use different communication channels show impartiality tourism sector policies perform project management advise on conflict management present reports apply conflict management mining sector policies manage government policy implementation

Common job titles

  • Administrative coordinator - administrat...
  • Management analyst, gs-0343-09/11
  • Qa/qc inspector
  • Program specialist
  • Auditor (forensic auditor)
  • Administrative assistant - inspector general
  • Procurement analyst
  • Senior auditor
  • Quality assurance specialist (aerospace)
  • Environmental field technician