Profession green coffee coordinator

Green coffee coordinators organise and manage the operations performed by workers in coffee plants and plan the functioning of machines that blend various types of green coffee beans.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Realistic


  • Quality assurance methodologies

    Quality assurance principles, standard requirements, and the set of processes and activities used for measuring, controlling and ensuring the quality of products and processes.

  • Food and beverage industry

    The respective industry and the processes involved in the food and beverage industry, such as raw material selection, processing, packaging, and storage.


  • Apply HACCP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

  • Ensure public safety and security

    Implement the relevant procedures, strategies and use the proper equipment to promote local or national security activities for the protection of data, people, institutions, and property.

  • Conduct coffee moisture tests

    Test coffee samples for moisture content.

  • Mark differences in colours

    The ability to mark or detect differences between colours, including shades of colour and brightness.

  • Apply requirements concerning manufacturing of food and beverages

    Apply and follow national, international, and internal requirements quoted in standards, regulations and other specifications related with manufacturing of food and beverages.

  • Mix grain according to recipe

    Mixing grains according to recipe in order to get the desired product. The mixing can be done before or after dumping the whole grains into steel drums for fermentation.

  • Track coffee deliveries

    Track coffee and green coffee samples deliveries from vendors. Receive and record all delivery orders and invoices and report to the director of coffee purchasing.

  • Examine green coffee beans

    Examine green coffee beans ensuring that they are all approximately the same colour, shape and size. Beans of the same size will roast more evenly, whereas smaller beans may roast quicker and affect the overall taste.

  • Perform coffee tastings

    Perform coffee tastings and coffee demonstrations whether for improving the product in the production process or for showcasing the final product. Taste coffee to objectively evaluate its quality.

  • Lift heavy weights

    Lift heavy weights and apply ergonomic lifting techniques to avoid damaging the body.

  • Apply GMP

    Apply regulations regarding manufacture of food and food safety compliance. Employ food safety procedures based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Enter receipt of coffee inventory

    Enter receipts of coffee inventory into resource planning system. Pay coffee and warehouse invoices.

Optional knowledge and skills

analyse trends in the food and beverage industries liaise with managers liaise with colleagues keep inventory of goods in production support management of raw materials grade coffee beans store raw food materials work in a food processing team effects of pesticides in food raw materials