Profession hotel porter

Hotel porters welcome guests to accommodation facilities, help them carry their luggage and provide services such as occasional cleaning.

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Hotel porter Jobs: Open positions

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Job postings:

Personality Type


  • Maintain customer service

    Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

  • Handle guest luggage

    Manage, pack, unpack and store guest luggage on request.

  • Handle delivered packages

    Administer delivered packages and ensure that they all reach their destination in time.

  • Comply with food safety and hygiene

    Respect optimal food safety and hygiene during preparation, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution and delivery of food products.

  • Assist clients with special needs

    Aid clients with special needs following relevant guidelines and special standards. Recognise their needs and accurately respond to them if needed.

  • Greet guests

    Welcome guests in a friendly manner in a certain place.

Optional knowledge and skills

explain features in accommodation venue provide tourism related information provide door security detect drug abuse handle chemical cleaning agents park guest's vehicle handle customer complaints clean public areas implement sales strategies implement marketing strategies take room service orders run errands on behalf of customers

Source: Sisyphus ODB