Profession immigration adviser

Immigration advisers aid people seeking to move from one nation to another by advising them on immigration legislation, and assisting them in obtaining the necessary documentation to ensure the immigration process occurs in accordance with immigration laws.

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Personality Type


  • Immigration law

    The regulations to follow to ensure compliance during investigations or advice in immigration cases and file handling.

  • Licences regulation

    The requirements and rules that must be compliant for a permit or licence.


  • Advise on licencing procedures

    Advise individuals or organisations on the procedures involved in requesting a specific licence, instructing them on the necessary documentation, the application verification process, and licence eligibility.

  • Assess licence applications

    Assess the applications from organisations or individuals requesting a specific licence in order to ascertain whether they are eligible for this licence, and to either approve or deny the application.

  • Apply technical communication skills

    Explain technical details to non-technical customers, stakeholders, or any other interested parties in a clear and concise manner.

  • Issue official documents

    Issue and certify official documents to national citizens and foreigners such as passports and certificates.

  • Respond to enquiries

    Respond to enquiries and requests for information from other organisations and members of the public.

  • Check official documents

    Check an individuals' official documentation, such as driver's licenses and identification, to ensure compliance with legal regulations, and to identify and assess individuals.

  • Apply immigration law

    Apply immigration legislation during the checking of a person's eligibility to enter a nation, in order to ensure legislation is complied with upon entry or to deny the person access.

  • Correspond with licence applicants

    Correspond with individuals or organisations who requested a specific licence in order to investigate the case further and gather more information, to offer further advice, inform them of further steps which need to be taken, or to inform them of the decision made in the evaluation of the application.

  • Provide immigration advice

    Provide immigration advice to people seeking to move abroad or require entry in a nation in terms of necessary procedures and documentation, or procedures dealing with integration.

Optional knowledge and skills

protect client interests create solutions to problems speak different languages maintain relations with local representatives keep task records issue licences observe new developments in foreign countries liaise with local authorities foreign affairs observe confidentiality show intercultural awareness ensure cross-department cooperation assess informational needs maintain relationships with government agencies use different communication channels ensure information transparency check travel documentation

Source: Sisyphus ODB