Profession immigration officer

Immigration officers check persons and vehicles crossing national borders to administer and enforce relevant government rules and regulations.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising

Related professions customs

  • Customs inspector
  • Passport checking officer


  • Immigration law

    The regulations to follow to ensure compliance during investigations or advice in immigration cases and file handling.


  • Identify security threats

    Identify security threats during investigations, inspections, or patrols, and perform the necessary actions to minimise or neutralise the threat.

  • Ensure law application

    Ensure the laws are followed, and where they are broken, that the correct measures are taken to ensure compliance to the law and law enforcement.

  • Check travel documentation

    Control tickets and travel documents, allocate seats and note food preferences of people on tour.

  • Apply immigration law

    Apply immigration legislation during the checking of a person's eligibility to enter a nation, in order to ensure legislation is complied with upon entry or to deny the person access.

  • Respond to enquiries

    Respond to enquiries and requests for information from other organisations and members of the public.

  • Check official documents

    Check an individuals' official documentation, such as driver's licenses and identification, to ensure compliance with legal regulations, and to identify and assess individuals.

  • Handle surveillance equipment

    Monitor surveillance equipment to observe what people are doing in a given area and ensure their safety.

  • Conduct research interview

    Use professional researching and interviewing methods and techniques to gather relevant data, facts or information, to gain new insights and to fully comprehend the message of the interviewee.

  • Provide immigration advice

    Provide immigration advice to people seeking to move abroad or require entry in a nation in terms of necessary procedures and documentation, or procedures dealing with integration.

Optional knowledge and skills

apply knowledge of human behaviour handle conflicts conduct frisk instruct public think analytically investigation research methods maintain operational communications undertake inspections present evidence illegal substances write work-related reports detain offenders use different communication channels guide people to holding areas apply information security policies