Profession international student exchange coordinator

International student exchange coordinators lead the entire process of an international exchange study for the exchange students. They manage the students' applications and admissions, arrange accommodation, be it on a college or university campus or with guest families, and handle all the administration regarding these activities, including the student's grades and official departing. They function as guides for the (young) international students through their cultural adjustment.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising


  • Travel bookings processes

    The various steps that constitute a booking made for travelling purposes, its execution, and any additional relevant actions.

  • Education administration

    The processes related to the administrative areas of an education institution, its director, employees, and students.


  • Use different communication channels

    Use various types of communication channels such as verbal, handwritten, digital and telephonic communication with the aim of constructing and sharing information and ideas.

  • Manage educational institution's administration

    Administer multiple activities of a school, university or other educational institution such as daily administrative operations.

  • Manage student admissions

    Assess students’ applications and manage correspondence with them concerning their admission, or rejection, pursuant to the regulations of the school, university or other educational organisation. This also includes obtaining educational information, such as personal records, on the student. File the paperwork of the admitted students.

  • Guide international students

    Support international exchange students with their cultural adjustment in a new community. Assist them with settling in a new academic environment.

  • Process booking

    Execute a booking of a place according to client's requirement in advance and issue all appropriate documents.

  • Arrange student accommodation

    Screen the several housing options including host families or guesthouses for students going on an exchange programme. Secure their housing once they have been accepted.

  • Check travel documentation

    Control tickets and travel documents, allocate seats and note food preferences of people on tour.

  • Oversee all travel arrangements

    Make sure that travel arrangements run according to plan and ensure effective and satisfactory service, accommodation and catering.

  • Use global distribution system

    Operate a computer reservations system or a global distribution system to book or reserve transportations and accommodations.

  • Process reservations

    Execute customers' reservations in accordance to their schedules and needs by phone, electronically or in person.

  • Organise projects to fill education needs

    Fill education gaps by organising projects and activities that help people to grow academically, socially or emotionally.

  • Process payments

    Accept payments such as cash, credit cards and debit cards. Handle reimbursement in case of returns or administer vouchers and marketing instruments such as bonus cards or membership cards. Pay attention to safety and the protection of personal data.

  • Guarantee students' safety

    Ensure all students falling under an instructor or other person’s supervision are safe and accounted for. Follow safety precautions in the learning situation.

Optional knowledge and skills

assist in the organisation of school events have computer literacy customer service inform on government funding provide education management support office software oversee extra-curricular activities outdoor activities cooperate with education professionals distribute local information materials electronic communication use office systems maintain financial records escort students on a field trip apply for government funding geographical areas relevant to tourism coordinate events consult student's support system