Profession jewellery engraver

Jewellery engravers engrave lettering and ornamental designs onto jewellery articles, using engravers handtools. They sketch and lay out the lettering and designs on the article, cut the design in the article and clean it up.

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  • Engraving technologies

    The characteristics of various materials and methods used to engrave something on a surface.


  • Determine quality of engraving

    Quality control of engravings and etchings; check for cuts, burns, rough spots and irregular or incomplete engraving.

  • Prepare workpieces for etching

    Prepare mechanical tools and work pieces for etching by polishing their surface and bevelling the work piece to remove sharp edges. Polishing is done using different sandpapers and sand films which are applied and vary from rough to very fine ones.

  • Inspect etched work

    Inspect finished etchings in detail, using microscopes and magnifying lenses.

  • Operate engraving equipment

    Operate mechanical engraving tools and machines, set controls of cutting tools. Make adjustments if necessary.

  • Transpose designs to engravings

    Examine diagrams, sketches, blueprints and samples, and calculate how they are to be engraved onto work pieces.

  • Ensure accurate engravings

    Closely observe the actions of the mechanical cutting tools, resulting in a flawless engraving process.

  • Prepare workpieces for engraving

    Prepare mechanical tools and workpieces for engraving by polishing their surface and bevelling the workpiece to remove sharp edges. Polishing is done using different sandpapers and sand films which are applied from rougher ones to very fine ones.

  • Clean engraved areas

    Polish and clean engraved etching areas.

  • Verify engraving accuracy

    Examine design results to verify engraving accuracy, rework engraving where needed.

  • Engrave patterns

    Engrave and print designs and patterns onto a variety of surfaces.

  • Position engraving equipment

    Position and clamp work pieces, plates, or rollers in holding fixtures.

  • Select engraving templates

    Select, prepare and install engraving templates; operate cutting tools and routers.

Optional knowledge and skills

mount stones in jewels cultured pearls imitation jewellery apply restoration techniques handle etching chemicals scale etchings perform wire wrapping perform damascening design objects to be crafted select metals for jewellery record jewel processing time maintain engraving equipment identify customer's needs ensure conformance to jewel design specifications compute engraving dimensions smoothen rough jewel parts coining perform enamelling select gems for jewellery prepare etching chemicals fill etchings evaluate restoration procedures laser engraving methods select restoration activities types of engraving needles record jewel weight estimate restoration costs

Source: Sisyphus ODB