Profession jewellery mounter

Jewellery mounters create the framework for a piece of jewellery, on which the precious stones are added to later.

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Personality Type


  • Jewellery processes

    Materials and processes involved in creating jewellery items like earrings, necklaces, rings, brackets, etc.

  • Precious metals

    Types of rare metal that occur naturally and have a high economic value.

  • Precious metal processing

    Various processing methods on precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.


  • Select metals for jewellery

    Select and purchase precious metals and alloys to use in jewellery pieces

  • Ensure conformance to jewel design specifications

    Examine finished jewellery products to ensure that they meet quality standards and design specifications. Use magnifying glasses, polariscopes or other optical instruments.

  • Select gems for jewellery

    Select and purchase gems to use in jewellery pieces and designs.

  • Adjust jewellery

    Reshape jewellery mountings.

  • Create master models

    Make vulcanised rubber moulds that can be used for the lost wax casting process.

  • Use jewellery equipment

    Handle, modify, or repair jewellery-making equipment such as jigs, fixtures, and hand tools such as scrapers, cutters, gougers, and shapers.

  • Create jewellery

    Create pieces of jewellery using precious materials such as silver and gold.

  • Clean jewellery pieces

    Clean and polish metal items and pieces of jewellery; handle mechanical jewellery-making tools such as polishing wheels.

  • Build jewellery models

    Construct preliminary jewel models using wax, plaster or clay. Create sample castings in moulds.

Optional knowledge and skills

coining trade in jewellery cast jewellery metal advise customers on jewellery and watches estimate cost of jewellery and watches' maintenance repair jewellery engrave patterns develop jewellery designs engraving technologies perform wire wrapping cultured pearls perform damascening imitation jewellery electroplating metal materials assemble jewellery parts heat jewellery metals

Source: Sisyphus ODB