Profession labour market policy officer

Labour market policy officers research, analyse and develop labour market policies. They implement policies ranging from financial policies to practical policies such as improving job searching mechanisms, promoting job training, giving incentives to start-ups and income support. Labour market policy officers work closely with partners, external organisations or other stakeholders and provide them with regular updates.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Labour legislation

    Legislation, on a national or international level, that governs labour conditions in various fields between labour parties such as the government, employees, employers, and trade unions.

  • Labour law

    The field of law that is concerned with the regulation of the relationship between employers, employees, trade unions, and the government.

  • Labour market

    The trends, functioning, and fluctuations of the labour market, career options, wages, unions, working population and the supply and demand of certain professions in a sector.


  • Analyse the training market

    Analyse the market in the training industry in terms of its attractiveness taking market growth rate, trends, size and other elements into account.

  • Create solutions to problems

    Solve problems which arise in planning, prioritising, organising, directing/facilitating action and evaluating performance. Use systematic processes of collecting, analysing, and synthesising information to evaluate current practice and generate new understandings about practice.

  • Manage government policy implementation

    Manage the operations of the implementation of new government policies or changes in existing policies on a national or regional level as well as the staff involved in the implementation procedure..

  • Develop employment policies

    Develop and supervise the implementation of policies which aim to improve employment standards such as working conditions, hours, and pay, as well as reduce unemployment rates.

  • Maintain relationships with government agencies

    Establish and maintain cordial working relationships with peers in different governmental agencies.

  • Analyse unemployment rates

    Analyse data and perform research concerning unemployment in a region or nation in order to identify causes for unemployment and possible solutions.

  • Promote employment policy

    Promote the development and implementation of policies which aim to improve employment standards, and reduce unemployment rates, in order to acquire governmental and public support.

  • Advise on legislative acts

    Advise officials in a legislature on the propositioning of new bills and the consideration of items of legislation.

Optional knowledge and skills

project management analyse community needs develop professional network liaise with politicians carry out strategic research scientific research methodology advise legislators employment law analyse goal progress perform project management liaise with union officials