Profession legal administrative assistant

    legal administrative assistant

Legal secretaries perform secretarial and administrative duties in law offices, legal departments of large firms, real estate companies, public courts and government. Prepare legal papers and correspondence, such as summonses, complaints, motions and subpoenas. May also assist with legal research.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Social

Tasks legal administrative assistant

  • Prepare and process, often from dictated notes, legal documents and papers, such as deeds, wills, affidavits, contracts, leases, summonses, subpoenas, complaints, appeals, motions and pretrial agreements.
  • Mail, fax or arrange for delivery of legal correspondence to clients, witnesses, court officials and other parties.
  • Receive and place telephone calls, answer enquiries and direct clients to appropriate experts.
  • Schedule and make appointments.
  • Draft and type office memos.
  • Make photocopies of correspondence, documents and other printed matter.
  • Attend court, legal meetings or negotiations, such as client interviews, hearings or depositions, and take notes or minutes.
  • Review and proofread outgoing documents and correspondence to make sure that the documents agree with legal procedures and grammatical usage.
  • Organize and maintain law libraries, documents and case files.
  • Assist lawyers in collecting information for cases and in preparing first drafts of legal documents.
  • Review legal publications and perform database searches to identify laws and court decisions relevant to pending cases, and to find out about changes in legislation, High Court verdicts and interpretations, etc.

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  • Legal department processes

    The different processes, duties, jargon, role in an organisation, and other specificities of the legal department within an organisation such as patents, legal cases, and legal compliance.

  • Legal terminology

    The special terms and phrases used in the field of law.

  • Procedural law

    The law that encompasses the rules of procedure followed in court, and the rules governing the civil and criminal procedures.


  • Perform office routine activities

    Program, prepare, and perform activities required to be performed everyday in offices such as mailing, receiving supplies, updating managers and employees, and keeping operations running smoothly.

  • Observe confidentiality

    Observe the set of rules establishing the nondisclosure of information except to another authorised person.

  • Meet deadlines for preparing legal cases

    Plan and adjust timings in order to prepare legal documents, collect information and evidence, and contact clients and lawyers in order to prepare the case properly.

  • Compile legal documents

    Compile and collect legal documents from a specific case in order to aid an investigation or for a court hearing, in a manner compliant with legal regulations and ensuring records are properly maintained.

  • Communicate by telephone

    Liaise via telephone by making and answering calls in a timely, professional and polite manner.

  • Manage personnel agenda

    Schedule and confirm appointments for the personnel of the office, mostly managers and directive employees, with external parties.

  • Perform clerical duties

    Perform administrative tasks such as filing, typing up reports and maintaining mail correspondence.

Optional knowledge and skills

court procedures civil process order manage accounts issue sales invoices brief court officials revise legal documents decode handwritten texts translate keywords into full texts fix meetings legal research handle evidence study court hearings apply technical communication skills legal case management civil law