Profession licensing officer

Government licensing officials examine applications for licences to export or import goods, set up businesses, build houses or other structures, or to obtain passports, determine eligibility of applications for issuing licences or passports, and identify specific conditions or restrictions to be attached to licences issued, referring exceptional or important cases to senior government officials or managers.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Social

Related professions civil service national

  • Diplomat
  • Government property inspector
  • Government tax or excise official
  • Legislator
  • Policy advisor
  • Policy or administration professional, all other
  • Political scientist
  • Regulatory government associate professional, all other
  • Senior government official
  • Senior non-legislative official


  • Public service concession

    The procedures involved in the granting of rights, land or property by a government to a private company which enters an agreement with the government to operate or make use of certain services, and what qualifies or may qualify as a concession.

  • Licences regulation

    The requirements and rules that must be compliant for a permit or licence.


  • Grant concessions

    Grant rights, land or property from governments to private entities, in compliance with regulations, and ensuring the necessary documentation is filed and processed

  • Manage licensing fees

    Handle and inspect licensing fees for a service/product provided under intellectual property right.

  • Issue licences

    Issue official documentation which grants licence holders with official permission to perform certain activities, after having investigated the application and processed the necessary documentation.

  • Correspond with licence applicants

    Correspond with individuals or organisations who requested a specific licence in order to investigate the case further and gather more information, to offer further advice, inform them of further steps which need to be taken, or to inform them of the decision made in the evaluation of the application.

  • Assess breaches of licence agreements

    Assess cases where the licence agreement is potentially breached by the licence holder in order to evaluate the nature of the breach, determine appropriate consequences such as the revoking of the licence or issuing a fine, and to ensure compliance with legislation.

  • Advise on licencing procedures

    Advise individuals or organisations on the procedures involved in requesting a specific licence, instructing them on the necessary documentation, the application verification process, and licence eligibility.

  • Manage import export licenses

    Ensure the effective issuing of permits and licenses in import and export processes.

  • Prepare licence agreements

    Make the legal contract ready, granting permission to use equipment, services, components, applications and intellectual property.

  • Monitor compliance with licensing agreements

    Ensure that licensee is well aware of all terms, legal aspects and renewal aspects of the license that has been awarded.

  • Assess licence applications

    Assess the applications from organisations or individuals requesting a specific licence in order to ascertain whether they are eligible for this licence, and to either approve or deny the application.

Optional knowledge and skills

comply with legal regulations use microsoft office conduct research interview intellectual property law ensure proper document management check official documents respond to enquiries undertake inspections think analytically keep task records use different communication channels collect licence fees office software