Profession Local police officer

Local police officer

Local police officers protect the public, detect and prevent crime and perform other activities directed at maintaining law and order.

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Tasks local police officer

  • Patrol assigned areas in vehicles, on bicycles, horseback and on foot to maintain public safety and order, to watch for unusual activity and to enforce laws and regulations.
  • Respond to calls or requests from the public to assist at incidents, such as criminal activity, domestic disputes and public disorder.
  • Provide first aid to victims of accidents, crimes and natural disasters, and search for missing persons.
  • Conduct initial investigations of complaints, crimes, accidents, any suspicious activities and other incidents.
  • Gather and secure evidence from the crime scene.
  • Interview suspects and victims and take statements from witnesses.
  • Identify, pursue, search and arrest suspects and offenders, and execute warrants.
  • Testify in court to present evidence or act as witness.
  • Police large public events, concerts, processions, strikes and demonstrations.
  • Escort, guard and protect prisoners, government officials, etc.
  • Direct and control traffic and attend vehicle check points and traffic offences to enforce traffic laws regarding e.g. vehicle roadworthiness, drink-driving and speeding.
  • Compile notes and crime reports, maintain records and carry out administrative tasks.

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