Profession mediation and education manager

Mediation and education managers are in charge of all programmes, activities, studies and research concerning the presentation of the cultural venue's artefacts or programme to current and prospective visitors.

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Personality Type


  • Evaluate cultural venue programmes

    Assist with the appraisal and evaluation of museum and any art facility programmes and activities.

  • Manage mediation staff

    Manage, direct and coach the museum or any art facility education and mediation staff.

  • Plan art educational activities

    Plan and implement artistic facilities, performance, venues and museum-related educational activities and events.

  • Create cultural venue learning strategies

    Create and develop a learning strategy to engage the public in line with the ethos of the museum or the art facility.

  • Establish educational network

    Establish a sustainable network of useful and productive educational partnerships to explore business opportunities and collaborations, as well as stay current about trends in education and topics relevant to the organisation. Networks should ideally be developed on a local, regional, national and international scale.

  • Develop outreach training plans

    Develop training plans for outreach and visitor service assistants, guides and volunteers.

  • Evaluate cultural venue visitor needs

    Assess the needs and expectations of museum and any art facility visitors in order to regularly develop new programmes and activities.

  • Promote cultural venue events

    Work together with museum or any art facility staff to develop and promote its events and programme.

  • Create cultural venue outreach policies

    Draw up outreach policies for the museum and any art facility, and a programme of activities directed at all target audiences. Set up a network of exterior contacts to relay information to target audiences to this end.

  • Work with cultural venue specialists

    Call upon the competence of other professionals and specialists, from within and outside the organisation, to contribute to activities and provide documents to improve public access to collections and exhibitions.

  • Develop educational resources

    Create and develop educational resources for visitors, school groups, families and special interest groups.

Optional knowledge and skills

promote cultural venue in schools develop educational activities manage volunteers

Source: Sisyphus ODB