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Medical sales representatives promote and sell medical devices, equipment and pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals. They provide product information and demonstrate features to healthcare professionals. Medical representatives negotiate and close sales contracts.

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  • Sales strategies

    The principles concerning customer behaviour and target markets with the aim of promotion and sales of a product or a service.

  • Medication classification

    Categories of medication such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

  • Health care system

    The structure and function of health care services.

  • Medical terminology

    The meaning of medical terms and abbreviations, of medical prescriptions and various medical specialties and when to use it correctly.

  • Pharmacovigilance legislation

    Regulations used to control and monitor adverse drug reactions at EU level.

  • Medical devices materials

    The different materials used to create medical devices such as polymer materials, thermoplastic and thermosetting materials, metal alloys and leather. In the choice of materials, attention must be paid to medical regulations, cost, and biocompatibility.

  • Medical sales industry

    Suppliers, target audience, products and competitors on the medical sales market.

  • Sales argumentation

    Techniques and sales methods used in order to present a product or service to customers in a persuasive manner and to meet their expectations and needs.


  • Negotiate sales contracts

    Come to an agreement between commercial partners with a focus on terms and conditions, specifications, delivery time, price etc.

  • Advise customers on usage of medical products

    Provide advice to customers on what medical products can be used for various medical conditions.

  • Organise retail sampling events

    Organise sampling and demonstration activities in order to promote a product

  • Prospect new customers

    Initiate activities in order to attract new and interesting customers. Ask for recommendations and references, find places where potential customers can be located.

  • Keep records on sales

    Keep records of the activities of the sales of products and services, tracking which products and services were sold when and maintaining customer records, in order to facilitate improvements in the sales department.

  • Carry out event management

    Plan and execute all the technical and logistical aspects required for an event to be successful.

  • Advise on medical device features

    Provide information on how the medical device is functioning, what are its features, advantages and usability terms.

  • Inform about the legal aspects of the medical device presented

    Provide the healthcare staff with information about the clinical tests undertaken on a specific medical device, the legal documentation concerning its marketability and sales activity and provide any documentation in support of this.

  • Issue purchase orders

    Produce and review the documents needed to authorise shipment of a product from the supplier at a specified price and within specific terms.

  • Provide customers with order information

    Provide order information to customers by telephone or e-mail; clearly communicate about price ratings, shipping dates and possible delays.

  • Supervise sales activities

    Monitor and oversee the activities related to the ongoing sales in the shop to ensure that sales goals are met, assess areas for improvement, and identify or solve problems that customers could encounter.

  • Carry out sales analysis

    Examine sales reports to see what goods and services have and have not sold well.

Optional knowledge and skills

monitor technology trends digital marketing techniques prepare exhibition marketing plan pharmacology medical statistics apply social media marketing merchandising techniques manage budgets plan event marketing for promotional campaigns biosafety in biomedical laboratory drive vehicles perform market research biomedical techniques biomedical science work in a multicultural environment in health care develop online sales business plan

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