Profession membership administrator

Membership administrators ensure an effective membership administration, documentation and communication. They support the membership sales process, the current membership enquiries and the renewal processes.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising


  • Customer service

    Processes and principles related to the customer, client, service user and to personal services; these may include procedures to evaluate customer's or service user's satisfaction.

  • Sales strategies

    The principles concerning customer behaviour and target markets with the aim of promotion and sales of a product or a service.


  • Provide membership service

    Ensure good service for all members by monitoring the mail box on a regular basis, by resolving membership issues that arise and by advising members on benefits and renewals.

  • Complete membership administration

    Oversee and carry out several tasks in the membership administration process such as reporting membership numbers, ensure that the website is reviewed and maintained and writing newsletters.

  • Recruit members

    Carry out assessment and recruitment of members.

  • Execute administration

    Carry out administrative work and establish public relations.

  • Develop professional network

    Reach out to and meet up with people in a professional context. Find common ground and use your contacts for mutual benefit. Keep track of the people in your personal professional network and stay up to date on their activities.

  • Manage membership database

    Add and update membership information and analyze and report on statistical membership information.

  • Perform office routine activities

    Program, prepare, and perform activities required to be performed everyday in offices such as mailing, receiving supplies, updating managers and employees, and keeping operations running smoothly.

  • Use communication techniques

    Apply techniques of communication which allow interlocutors to better understand each other and communicate accurately in the transmission of messages.

  • Manage members

    Oversee that members pay their fees and that they get information about union or organisation activities.

Optional knowledge and skills

stimulate creative processes office software deal with pressure from unexpected circumstances meet deadlines handle complaints write work-related reports show responsibility process payments handle customer complaints write leaflets develop campaigns make independent operating decisions