Profession metallurgist

Metallurgists specialise in the extraction and processing of metals such as iron, steel, zinc, copper and aluminium. They work to mold or combine both pure and mixed metals (alloys) into new shapes and properties. Metallurgists handle the extraction of metal ores and develop their use in metal processing techniques. They may work in both manufacturing or do scientific research about the performance of metals.

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Personality Type

  • Investigative / Realistic


  • Precious metals

    Types of rare metal that occur naturally and have a high economic value.

  • Alloys of precious metals

    Types of material that consist of two or more metals or non-metals.

  • Metal and metal ore products

    The offered metal and metal ore products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Prepare technical reports

    Prepare technical reports that describe results and processes of scientific or technical research, or assess its progress. These reports help researchers to keep up to date with recent findings.

  • Assess suitability of metal types for specific application

    Assess the physical nature and structural composition of various metals and alloys, and analyse how the materials behave in different circumstances.

  • Work in metal manufacture teams

    Ability to work confidently within a metal manufacturing group with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.

  • Join metals

    Join together pieces of metal using soldering and welding materials.

  • Manipulate metal

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of metal.

Optional knowledge and skills

extract products from moulds provide manufacturing documentation innovation processes interpret extraction data ensure public safety and security apply health and safety standards perform sample testing prepare samples for testing design drawings develop new installations chemical processes make time-critical decisions install monitors for process control separate metals from ores prepare extraction proposals ensure compliance with environmental legislation liaise with quality assurance manufacturing of jewellery maintain ore processing equipment monitor manufacturing quality standards physics troubleshoot chemical technologies in metal manufacture ensure health and safety in manufacturing extract materials from furnace process incident reports for prevention test raw minerals design metal components address problems critically monitor extraction logging operations conduct metallurgical structural analysis