Profession motor vehicle upholsterer

Motor vehicle upholsterers create manufacturing templates, manufacture and assemble interior components for cars, buses, trucks etc. They use power tools, hand tools and shop equipment to prepare and fasten materials. They also inspect incoming materials and prepare the vehicle interior for trim items.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising


  • Upholstery tools

    Set of tools used for upholstering furniture, walls and floors such as staple gun, foam cutter, staple remover.


  • Use power tools

    Operate power driven pumps. Use hand tools or power tools. Use vehicle repair tools or safety equipment.

  • Apply preliminary treatment to workpieces

    Apply preparatory treatment, through mechanical or chemical processes, to the workpiece preceding the main operation.

  • Align components

    Align and lay out components in order to put them together correctly according to blueprints and technical plans.

  • Carry out measurements of parts

    Operate measurement instruments to measure parts of manufactured objects. Take into consideration specifications of manufacturers to perform the measuring.

  • Apply health and safety standards

    Adhere to standards of hygiene and safety established by respective authorities.

  • Read engineering drawings

    Read the technical drawings of a product made by the engineer in order to suggest improvements, make models of the product or operate it.

  • Fasten components

    Fasten components together according to blueprints and technical plans in order to create subassemblies or finished products.

  • Use technical documentation

    Understand and use technical documentation in the overall technical process.

  • Read standard blueprints

    Read and comprehend standard blueprints, machine, and process drawings.

Optional knowledge and skills

install car electronics identify customer's needs keep records of work progress use manual sewing techniques install wall coverings sew textile-based articles install automotive electrical equipment install transport equipment lighting perform upholstery repair install transport vehicle interior components upholster transport equipment's interior pieces inspect quality of products manufacture fabric furnishings cut fabrics install floor coverings provide customized upholstery analyse the need for technical resources sew pieces of fabric mechanics of motor vehicles