Profession natural resources consultant

Natural resources consultant provide advise on the protection and management of natural resources, namely fauna, flora, soil and water to companies and governments which exploit these resources. They strive to guide companies on an appropriate policy for exploiting natural resources in industrial contexts, raise awareness on health issues, and ensure the conservation of ecosystems for sustainable interventions in natural habitats.

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Personality Type

  • Social / Realistic
  • Investigative / Enterprising


  • Natural areas maintenance

    The methods to maintain the assets (both natural and constructed) of natural areas, including program development and implementation.

  • Environmental policy

    Local, national and international policies dealing with the promotion of environmental sustainability and the development of projects which reduce negative environmental impact and improve the state of the environment.


  • Analyse ecological data

    Analyse and interpret ecological and biological data, using specialist software programs.

  • Advise on nature conservation

    Provide information and suggested actions relating to the conservation of nature.

  • Assess environmental impact

    Monitor environmental impacts and carry out assessments in order to identify and to reduce the organisation's environmental risks while taking costs into account.

  • Monitor nature conservation

    Evaluating and monitoring features of nature conservation interest in habitats and sites.

  • Advise on environmental remediation

    Advise on the development and implementation of actions which aim to remove sources of pollution and contamination from the environment.

  • Conduct environmental site assessments

    Manage and oversee environmental site prospection and assessments for mining or industrial sites. Designate and demarcate areas for geochemical analysis and scientific research.

  • Conserve natural resources

    Protect waters and natural resources and coordinate actions. Work with environmental agencies and resource management personnel.

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation

    Monitor activities and perform tasks ensuring compliance with standards involving environmental protection and sustainability, and amend activities in the case of changes in environmental legislation. Ensure that the processes are compliant with environment regulations and best practices.

  • Conduct ecological research

    Conduct ecological and biological research in the field and in controlled conditions, using scientific methods and equipment.

  • Develop environmental policy

    Develop an organisational policy on sustainable development and compliance with environmental legislation in line with policy mechanisms used in the field of environmental protection.

Optional knowledge and skills

wildlife promote sustainability environmental engineering ecology educate people about nature administer treatments to fish biology botany carry out environmental audits analyse fish samples for diagnosis monitor environmental parameters manage forests animal species liaise with managers perform project management corporate social responsibility manage environmental impact manage habitats use consulting techniques fisheries management environmental legislation

Common job titles

  • Natural resources technician
  • Employee assistance program assistant director
  • Environmental scientist - natural resources
  • Intern/co-op - human resources
  • Human resources consultant
  • Natural resources assistant project manager
  • Director of employee assistance program / eap
  • Healthcare recruiter, electronic health record services
  • Employment consultant - 119
  • Human resource consultant assistant 2 (hrca2)