Profession night auditor

Night auditors oversee night customer care in hospitality establishment and perform a wide variety of activities from front desk to bookkeeping.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising


  • Process reservations

    Execute customers' reservations in accordance to their schedules and needs by phone, electronically or in person.

  • Comply with food safety and hygiene

    Respect optimal food safety and hygiene during preparation, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution and delivery of food products.

  • Deal with departures in accommodation

    Handle departures, guest's luggage, client's check-out in line with company standards and local legislation ensuring high levels of customer service.

  • Deal with arrivals in accommodation

    Handle arrivals, guest's luggage, check-in clients in line with company standards and local legislation ensuring high levels of customer service.

  • Greet guests

    Welcome guests in a friendly manner in a certain place.

  • Process payments

    Accept payments such as cash, credit cards and debit cards. Handle reimbursement in case of returns or administer vouchers and marketing instruments such as bonus cards or membership cards. Pay attention to safety and the protection of personal data.

  • Carry out end of day accounts

    Execute end of day accounts to ensure that business transactions from the current day have been correctly processed.

  • Maintain customer records

    Keep and store structured data and records about customers in accordance with customer data protection and privacy regulations.

  • Handle customer complaints

    Administer complaints and negative feedback from customers in order to address concerns and where applicable provide a quick service recovery.

  • Maintain customer service

    Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

Optional knowledge and skills

handle surveillance equipment take room service orders implement marketing strategies maintain incident reporting records provide tourism related information identify customer's needs implement sales strategies ensure hotel security detect drug abuse run errands on behalf of customers assess cleanliness of areas monitor guest access assist clients with special needs

Common job titles

  • Hotel night auditor
  • Night auditor/front desk agent
  • Front desk associate/night auditor
  • Night auditor
  • Night auditor -- newport hospitality group, inc. -- comfort suites cary
  • Night auditor - las vegas homewood suites- coming soon!
  • Part time night auditor
  • Part-time hotel night auditor