Profession patent engineer

Patent engineers advise companies on different aspects of intellectual property law. They analyse inventions, and research their economic potential. They check if  patent rights have already been given out for an invention and ensure that these rights have not been affected or violated.

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Personality Type


  • Engineering processes

    The systematic approach to the development and maintenance of engineering systems.

  • Financial analysis

    The process of assessing the financial possibilities, means, and status of an organisation or individual by analysing financial statements and reports in order to make well informed business or financial decisions.

  • Patents

    The exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor's invention for a limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention.

  • Intellectual property law

    The regulations that govern the set of rights protecting products of the intellect from unlawful infringement.

  • Legal terminology

    The special terms and phrases used in the field of law.

  • Market research

    The processes, techniques, and purposes comprised in the first step for developing marketing strategies such as the collection of information about customers and the definition of segments and targets.

  • Market analysis

    The field of market analysis and research and its particular research methods.

  • Engineering principles

    The engineering elements like functionality, replicability, and costs in relation to the design and how they are applied in the completion of engineering projects.


  • Provide legal advice

    Provide advice to clients in order to ensure that their actions are compliant with the law, as well as most beneficial for their situation and specific case, such as providing information, documentation, or advice on the course of action for a client should they want to take legal action or legal action is taken against them.

  • Ensure law application

    Ensure the laws are followed, and where they are broken, that the correct measures are taken to ensure compliance to the law and law enforcement.

  • Provide advice on inventions

    Provide advice to inventors and manufacturers as to whether their inventions will be granted patents by researching if the invention is new, innovative and viable.

  • Present arguments persuasively

    Present arguments during a negotiation or debate, or in written form, in a persuasive manner in order to obtain the most support for the case the speaker or writer represents.

  • Create patent draft

    Make a precise description of the invention in legal terms.

  • Analyse financial risk

    Identify and analyse risks that could impact an organisation or individual financially, such as credit and market risks, and propose solutions to cover against those risks.

Optional knowledge and skills

adjust engineering designs civil engineering apply technical communication skills legal research characteristics of products present legal arguments apply for patents trademarks provide advice on trademarks project management principles coordinate engineering teams collaborate with engineers communication attention to detail provide technical expertise mechanical engineering company policies use a computer handle conflicts act as a company ambassador design principles project management

Source: Sisyphus ODB