Profession political affairs officer

Political affairs officers analyse developments in foreign politics and other policy matters, monitor conflicts and consult on mediation measures, as well as other developmental strategies. They write reports to ensure communication with governmental bodies, and develop policies and implementation methods.

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Personality Type


  • Government policy implementation

    The procedures related to the application of government policies at all levels of public administration.

  • Foreign affairs policy development

    The development processes of foreign affairs policies, such as relevant research methods, relevant legislation, and foreign affairs operations.

  • Foreign affairs

    The operations of a foreign affairs department in a government or public organisation and its regulations.


  • Monitor political conflicts

    Monitor the possibility and development of political conflicts in specific contexts, such as in or between political parties, governments, or between different countries, as well as identifying its potential impact on government operations, and public safety.

  • Advise on foreign affairs policies

    Advise governments or other public organisations on the development and implementation of foreign affairs policies.

  • Advise on conflict management

    Advise private or public organisations on monitoring possible conflict risk and development, and on conflict resolution methods specific to the identified conflicts.

  • Advise on risk management

    Provide advice on risk management policies and prevention strategies and their implementation, being aware of different kinds of risks to a specific organisation.

  • Advise on legislative acts

    Advise officials in a legislature on the propositioning of new bills and the consideration of items of legislation.

  • Analyse foreign affairs policies

    Analyse the existing policies for the handling of foreign affairs within a government or public organisation in order to evaluate them and search for improvements.

  • Write situation reports

    Write reports according to specifications and regulations of an organisation on the situation which needs to be reported on, such as the status of an investigation, of intelligence gathering, or of missions and operations.

Optional knowledge and skills

observe new developments in foreign countries assess danger in risk areas apply conflict management show intercultural awareness handle conflicts present reports scientific research methodology diplomatic principles ensure cross-department cooperation international law assess risk factors maintain relationships with government agencies perform political negotiation maintain operational communications develop international cooperation strategies identify security threats analyse potential threats against national security

Source: Sisyphus ODB