Profession programme funding manager

Programme funding managers take the lead in developing and realizing the funding strategy of the programmes of an organisation.

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Personality Type


  • Funding methods

    The financial possibilities for funding projects such as the traditional ones, namely loans, venture capital, public or private grants up to alternative methods such as crowdfunding.


  • Find grants

    Detect possible grants for their organisation by consulting the foundation or agency offering the funding.

  • Lead a team

    Lead, supervise and motivate a group of people, in order to meet the expected results within a given timeline and with the foreseen resources in mind.

  • Apply strategic thinking

    Apply generation and effective application of business insights and possible opportunities, in order to achieve competitive business advantage on a long-term basis.

  • Manage grant applications

    Process and prepare grant requests by reviewing budgets, keeping track of grants distributed or obtaining the right documents.

Optional knowledge and skills

write work-related reports develop professional network coach employees meet deadlines tolerate stress use communication techniques manage budgets analyse goal progress

Source: Sisyphus ODB