Profession promoter

Promoters work with artists (or their agents) and venues on to arrange a show. They liaise with bands and agents to agree on a date for a performance and negotiate a deal. They book a venue and promote the upcoming gig. They make sure everything the band needs is in place and set up soundcheck times and the running order of the show. Some promoters work freelance, but they may also be tied to a single venue or festival.  

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Enterprising / Investigative


  • Musical genres

    Different musical styles and genres such as blues, jazz, reggae, rock, or indie.


  • Confer with event staff

    Communicate with staff members at a chosen event site to coordinate details.

  • Manage contracts

    Negotiate the terms, conditions, costs and other specifications of a contract while making sure they comply with legal requirements and are legally enforceable. Oversee the execution of the contract, agree on and document any changes.

  • Manage relationships with artists

    Develop relationships with artists new to the gallery, and extend existing relationships with established artists.

  • Promote music

    Promote music; participate in media interviews and other promotional activities.

  • Match venues with performers

    Make sure a venue is a good match for the music group or performing artist in question and vice versa.

  • Adapt to artists' creative demands

    Work with artists, striving to understand the creative vision and adapting to it. Make full use of your talents and skills to reach the best possible result.

  • Select musical performers

    Organise auditions and select performers for musical performances.

  • Plan events

    Plan programmes, agendas, budgets, and services of an event according to customers' requirements.

  • Adapt communication style according to recipient

    Adapt communication style to that of the recipient of the message in order to create a rapport.

  • Develop an artistic network

    Generate awareness of a show or event through public relations initiatives. Develop a network of music industry contacts to spread the word about upcoming shows.

  • Plan self-organisation

    Identify the necessary tasks and prioritise them in order to develop an individual schedule and perform the work in an autonomous way, ensuring that the requirements are met.

  • Arrange event needs

    Ensure the availability of audio-visual equipment, transportation, displays, and other event needs.

  • Solicit event publicity

    Design advertisement and publicity campaign for upcoming events or exhibitions; attract sponsors.

  • Promote event

    Generate interest in an event. Post fliers, place ads in free or inexpensive publications, and generate buzz online. Consider radio ads as well as ads in larger print publications and on established websites.

Optional knowledge and skills

select event providers direct event administrative details stay up-to-date with music and video releases obtain concert funding music literature

Common job titles

  • Nightlife promoter in nyc
  • Administrative specialist iii - productions
  • Warehouse specialist
  • Marketing associate
  • In store promoter
  • Rehab and pools 2017 - daylife ambassador/promoter
  • Booking & promotions intern