Profession promotions demonstrator

Promotions demonstrators proactively seek out and engage with new potential clients. They provide product specific advice and demonstrate promotional goods or services.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Characteristics of products

    The tangible characteristics of a product such as its materials, properties and functions, as well as its different applications, features, use and support requirements.

  • Sales promotion techniques

    The techniques used to persuade customers to purchase a product or a service.

  • Product comprehension

    The offered products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Characteristics of services

    The characteristics of a service that might include having acquired information about its application, function, features, use and support requirements.


  • Establish customer rapport

    Gain customer interest and trust; establish relationships with wide varieties of people; communicate in a likeable and persuasive style; understand and respond to the individual desires and needs of customers.

  • Maintain work area cleanliness

    Keep the working area and equipment clean and orderly.

  • Use different communication channels

    Use various types of communication channels such as verbal, handwritten, digital and telephonic communication with the aim of constructing and sharing information and ideas.

  • Ensure customer focus

    Attitude that puts customers at the centre of the business in all cases.

  • Assist customers

    Provide support and advice to customers in making purchasing decisions by finding out their needs, selecting suitable service and products for them and politely answering questions about products and services.

  • Hand out product samples

    Hand out brochures, coupons, product samples; come up with new incentives to persuade customers to buy products/services.

  • Keep promotions records

    Keep records on sales information and distribution of materials. File reports on customer reactions to their employers' products and promotions; present these reports to their managers.

  • Ensure product preparation

    Ensure that products such as food items are correctly prepared and made ready for consumption; combine different parts until they form one sellable unit.

  • Prepare presentation material

    Prepare the documents, slide shows, posters and any other media needed for specific audiences.

  • Organise product display

    Arrange goods in attractive and safe way. Set up a counter or other display area where demonstrations take place in order to attract the attention of prospective customers. Organise and maintain stands for merchandise display. Create and assemble sales spot and product displays for sales process.

  • Demonstrate products' features

    Demonstrate how to use a product in a correct and safe manner, provide customers with information on the product's main features and benefits, explain operation, correct use and maintenance. Persuade potential customers to purchase items.

Optional knowledge and skills

advise customers on the preparation of beverages tobacco brands alcoholic beverage products stock shelves sell confectionery products achieve sales targets conform to health and safety regulations variety of cheese food allergies body language enforce regulations of selling tobacco to minors enforce regulations of selling alcoholic beverages to minors nutrients of confectionery improve customer interaction apply regulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages carry out active selling types of chocolate company policies

Common job titles

  • Event specialist
  • Brand ambassador/product demonstrator
  • La~open call /interactive audition for product demonstrators/ievents
  • Demo brand ambassador - pet (weekend)
  • Sales advisor - stop & shop, corbin ave, new britain, ct
  • Denver - promotions events team
  • Brand ambassador
  • Sales advisor - giant, 1st colony wy, california, md
  • Product demonstrator - kansas city, mo
  • Food product demonstrator kwik trip #949