Profession relocation officer

Relocation officers help businesses and organisations with the move of employees. They plan the whole move. Relocation officers advise on real estate. They plan moving services and look after the general well-being of the employees and their family.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional
  • Enterprising / Investigative


  • Real estate market

    The trends concerning the buying, selling, or renting of property, including the land, buildings, and natural resources encompassed within the property; the categories of residential properties and properties for business purposes which such properties are traded in.

  • Labour legislation

    Legislation, on a national or international level, that governs labour conditions in various fields between labour parties such as the government, employees, employers, and trade unions.

  • Employment law

    The law which mediates the relationship between employees and employers. It concerns employees' rights at work which are binding by the work contract.


  • Identify clients' needs

    Identify the areas in which the client may require aid and investigate the possibilities for meeting those needs.

  • Manage employee complaints

    Manage and respond to employee complaints, in a correct and polite manner, offering a solution when possible or referring it to an authorized person when necessary.

  • Gather feedback from employees

    Communicate in an open and positive manner in order to assess levels of satisfaction with employees, their outlook on the work environment, and in order to identify problems and devise solutions.

  • Liaise with property owners

    Establish good working relations with the owner, signal problems and renovation needs, and advise on the choice of tenants.

  • Provide information on properties

    Provide information on the positive and negative aspects of a property and the practicalities concerning any financial transactions or insurance procedures; such as location, composition of the property, renovation or repair needs, the cost of the property and the costs related to insurance.

  • Negotiate with property owners

    Negotiate with owners of properties who wish to rent or sell them in order to obtain the most beneficial agreement for the potential renter or buyer.

  • Advise on property value

    Advise property owners, real estate professionals, or prospective clients in real estate on the current monetary value of a property, the potential of development in order to increase the value, and other relevant information concerning the property's value in the future developments of the real estate market.

  • Advise clients on moving services

    Provide clients with information with regard to moving services. Advise clients on services, modalities, relocation possibilities, and aspects which must be taken into consideration when planning a move.

  • Protect client interests

    Protect the interests and needs of a client by taking necessary actions, and researching all possibilities, to ensure that the client obtains their favoured outcome.

  • Analyse requirements for moving goods

    Analyse goods to be relocated and their moving requirements. Check requirements and prepare actions to ensure appropriate transport of goods.

  • Select equipment required for moving activities

    Select the appropriate tools and equipment required to successfully move objects. Select a range of equipment from basic tools such as screws, hammers, and pliers, to more complex apparatus such as forklifts, cranes, and movable docks.

Optional knowledge and skills

apply knowledge of human behaviour collect property financial information create banking accounts determine cargo loading sequence apply for work permits organise transportation for clients perform property market research negotiate employment agreements human resource management protect employee rights assist in developing practices for well being of employees organise property viewing follow detailed procedures for relocating specific goods give advice on personal matters examine the conditions of buildings manage the transportation of animals liaise between the client and various transportation services negotiate with employment agencies

Common job titles

  • Border patrol agent (intelligence) reassignment opportunity bulletin
  • Customs and border protection officer
  • Customs and border protection officer (direct hire)
  • Border patrol agent (direct hire)
  • 3rd mate
  • Director of technology innovation
  • Vista development officer - veteran affairs
  • Business development officer
  • Science officer
  • Digital programs officer