Profession rooms division manager

Rooms division managers are in charge of managing and coordinating a team of employees at front desk, reservations, housekeeping and maintenance departments.

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Personality Type


  • Manage budgets

    Plan, monitor and report on the budget.

  • Comply with food safety and hygiene

    Respect optimal food safety and hygiene during preparation, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution and delivery of food products.

  • Present reports

    Display results, statistics and conclusions to an audience in a transparent and straightforward way.

  • Manage staff

    Manage employees and subordinates, working in a team or individually, to maximise their performance and contribution. Schedule their work and activities, give instructions, motivate and direct the workers to meet the company objectives. Monitor and measure how an employee undertakes their responsibilities and how well these activities are executed. Identify areas for improvement and make suggestions to achieve this. Lead a group of people to help them achieve goals and maintain an effective working relationship among staff.

  • Manage hospitality revenue

    Oversee a hospitality revenue by understanding, monitoring, predicting and reacting to consumer behaviour, in order to maximise revenue or profits, maintain budgeted gross profit and minimise expenditures.

  • Manage inspections of equipment

    Monitor formal or official viewings and examinations in order to regularly test and inspect property and equipment.

  • Monitor financial accounts

    Handle financial administration of your department, keep the costs down to only necessary expenses and maximise the revenues of your organisation.

  • Coordinate redecoration of hospitality establishment

    Lead redecoration of hospitality establishment by staying up to date with trends in decoration, fabrics and textiles and implementing necessary changes in order to meet changing desires and expectations.

  • Manage health and safety standards

    Oversee all personnel and processes to comply with health, safety and hygiene standards. Communicate and support alignment of these requirements with the company's health and safety programmes.

  • Train reception staff

    Instruct the reception staff in order to make sure the staff can execute their tasks adequately, efficiently and according to guidelines.

  • Manage front operations

    Monitor daily scheduling of room bookings, following quality standards and resolving special situations in front operations.

  • Maintain customer service

    Keep the highest possible customer service and make sure that the customer service is at all times performed in a professional way. Help customers or participants feel at ease and support special requirements.

  • Manage maintenance operations

    Oversee maintenance activities, making sure that staff is following procedures and ensuring routine and periodic refurbishment and maintenance activities.

  • Assess cleanliness of areas

    Evaluate cleanliness of areas in order to make sure that they are clean and presentable for customers.

  • Schedule shifts

    Plan staff time and shifts to reflect the demands of the business.

  • Handle customer complaints

    Administer complaints and negative feedback from customers in order to address concerns and where applicable provide a quick service recovery.

  • Coordinate activities across hospitality rooms division

    Lead activities among maintenance staff, reception staff and housekeeping in a hospitality establishment.

  • Forecast occupancy demand

    Predict the number of hotel rooms that will be booked, schedule occupancies and estimate demand forecast.

  • Ensure cross-department cooperation

    Guarantee communication and cooperation with all the entities and teams in a given organisation, according to the company strategy.

  • Develop working procedures

    Create standardised series of actions of a certain order to support the organisation.

Optional knowledge and skills

deal with departures in accommodation process reservations supervise housekeeping operations train employees process booking maintain customer records think analytically greet guests monitor work for special events deal with arrivals in accommodation carry out end of day accounts identify customer's needs

Source: Sisyphus ODB