Profession set buyer

Set buyers analyse the script in order to identify the set dressing and the props needed for all individual scenes. They also consult with the production designer and the prop and set making team. Set buyers buy, rent or commission the making of the props. Set buyers make sure sets are authentic and believable.

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Personality Type


  • Film production process

    The various development stages of making a film, such as scriptwriting, financing, shooting, editing, and distribution.

  • Room aesthetics

    Assessment of how different pieces of a visual design can ultimately fit together to create the intended interior and visual environment.

  • Cinematography

    The science of recording light and electromagnetic radiation in order to create a motion picture. The recording can happen electronically with an image sensor or chemically on light sensitive materials such as film stock.


  • Identify props

    Determine the props needed for each scene by reading and analysing the script. Make a detailed list of them.

  • Maintain relationship with suppliers

    Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with suppliers and service providers in order to establish a positive, profitable and enduring collaboration, co-operation and contract negotiation.

  • Manage budgets

    Plan, monitor and report on the budget.

  • Analyse a script

    Break down a script by analysing the dramaturgy, form, themes and structure of a script. Conduct relevant research if necessary.

  • Purchase props

    Buy the required props for a performance.

  • Identify suppliers

    Determine potential suppliers for further negotiation. Take into consideration aspects such as product quality, sustainability, local sourcing, seasonality and coverage of the area. Evaluate the likelihood of obtaining beneficial contracts and agreements with them.

Optional knowledge and skills

provide customized upholstery manage logistics define set building methods check deliveries on receipt photography carry out internet research lighting techniques film studies work with prop makers adapt sets manage rented goods returns adapt props build props maintain inventory of rented items acquire antique items change over props build miniature props ensure visual quality of the set coordinate purchasing activities

Source: Sisyphus ODB