Profession shop assistant

Shop assistants work in shops where they perform assistance duties. The help shopkeepers in their daily work such as ordering and refilling of goods and stock, providing general advice to customers, selling products and maintaining the shop.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Product comprehension

    The offered products, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Company policies

    The set of rules that govern the activity of a company.


  • Apply company policies

    Apply the principles and rules that govern the activities and processes of an organisation.

  • Direct customers to merchandise

    Inform customers of where they can find the products they are searching for and escort them to their desired product.

  • Examine merchandise

    Control items put up for sale are correctly priced and displayed and that they function as advertised.

  • Put up price tags

    Put price tags on products and ensure the prices are correctly displayed.

  • Organise product display

    Arrange goods in attractive and safe way. Set up a counter or other display area where demonstrations take place in order to attract the attention of prospective customers. Organise and maintain stands for merchandise display. Create and assemble sales spot and product displays for sales process.

  • Arrange ordering of products for customers

    Order products for customers according to their specifications and provisions.

  • Maintain relationship with suppliers

    Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with suppliers and service providers in order to establish a positive, profitable and enduring collaboration, co-operation and contract negotiation.

  • Stock shelves

    Refill shelves with merchandise to be sold.

  • Maintain relationship with customers

    Build a lasting and meaningful relationship with customers in order to ensure satisfaction and fidelity by providing accurate and friendly advice and support, by delivering quality products and services and by supplying after-sales information and service.

  • Pack merchandise for gifts

    Gift-wrap merchandise at the customer's request.

  • Operate cash register

    Register and handle cash transactions by using point of sale register.

  • Provide customer follow-up services

    Register, follow-up, solve and respond to customer requests, complaints and after-sales services.

  • Maintain store cleanliness

    Keep the store tidy and clean by hovering and mopping.

  • Supervise merchandise displays

    Work closely together with visual display staff to decide how items should be displayed, in order to maximise customer interest and product sales.

  • Notify customers on special offers

    Notify customers on new promotional actions and special offers.

  • Package purchases in bags

    Packet purchased items and place them in shopping bags.

  • Provide customer guidance on product selection

    Provide suitable advice and assistance so that customers find the exact goods and services they were looking for. Discuss product selection and availability.

  • Process refunds

    Resolve customer inquiries for returns, exchange of merchandise, refunds or bill adjustments. Follow organisational guidelines during this process.

  • Carry out order intake

    Take in of purchase requests for items that are currently unavailable.

  • Follow given instructions

    Follow instructions to achieve goals and meet deadlines.

Optional knowledge and skills

process orders from online shop check deliveries on receipt teamwork principles sales promotion techniques process payments use different communication channels operate cash point carry out active selling keep records of merchandise delivery achieve sales targets identify customer's needs monitor stock level demonstrate products' features maintain customer service

Common job titles

  • New store opening*** creative assistant
  • Part-time marketing assistant
  • Project assistant
  • New store opening*** loss prevention assistant
  • Retail and admissions assistant
  • Studio assistant
  • Research assistant
  • Press assistant - 12 hour rotating shift
  • Creative assistant
  • Front desk receptionist/assistant manager