Profession swimming facility attendant

Swimming facility attendants handle the daily activities of a swimming facility such as a swimming pool, beach and lake. They clean the facility, maintain a good attitude towards the clients and ensure the overall safety within the facility.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising


  • Swimming pool safety guidelines

    The rules and guidelines related to swimming pool safety, such as rules related to child safety, running, diving, waterslides, electrical appliances, food and drinks, water hygiene, and inflatables.

  • Protective measures related to swimming pool chemicals

    Type of equipment used to protect oneself to the exposure to swimming pool chemicals such as chemical goggles, impervious gloves and boots for any chemical handling activities.

  • Swimming pool chemicals

    Types of disinfectants and sanitizers which control the growth of certain bacteria in the pool water.


  • Communicate with customers

    Respond to and communicate with customers in the most efficient and appropriate manner to enable them to access the desired products or services, or any other help they may require.

  • Clean public areas

    Disinfect the areas to which the public has access.

  • Maintain quality of pool water

    Continuously monitoring the color, temperature and cleanliness of the pool water and take any required action to ensure high standards of water quality in the pool.

  • Monitor infrastructure

    Monitor and inspect on a regular basis the condition of the swimming pool and it's surrounding infrastructure, such as diving boards, ladders and floors.

  • Maintain pool cleanliness

    Regularly supervise the state of the pool, remove debris or rubbish and keep the deck of the pool clean and safe.

  • Maintain cleaning equipment

    Clean and preserve the equipment and material used for cleaning purposes in a proper state.

  • Supervise pool activities

    Ensure pool bathers' activities comply with the bathing regulations: Inform bathers of pool regulations, perform rescue activities, supervise diving activities and waterslides, take action in case of harassment or trespassing, and deal with misconduct appropriately.

  • Dispose waste

    Dispose waste in accordance with legislation, thereby respecting environmental and company responsibilities.

Optional knowledge and skills

manage emergency evacuation plans resuscitation maintain the cleanliness of the toilet facilities manage theft prevention handle veterinary emergencies swim provide first aid select hazard control manage lost and found articles handle chemical cleaning agents inform on toilet facilities malfunctions restock toilet facilities' supplies report on customers' complaints related to toilet facilities customer service operate fire extinguishers give swimming lessons assist pool users provide advice on safety rescue bathers