Profession Swimming instructor

Swimming instructor

Swimming instructors teach swimming and organise recreational activities to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities in indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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Personality Type

Tasks swimming instructor

  • Initiate, coordinate and hold swimming lessons to individuals and groups using various teaching methods and instructional material.
  • Initiate, coordinate and guide recreational activities at the swimming facility for various groups (e.g. toddlers, pre-school children, elderly, disabled).
  • Establish clear objectives for all lessons and activities, and communicate objectives to the participants.
  • Explain and demonstrate swimming and training techniques to participants.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of participants and adjust the teaching programme when necessary.
  • Supervise swimmers and visitors to ensure their safety.
  • Prevent injuries and dangerous situations and take action when they occur, e.g. by providing first aid.
  • Answer the questions of visitors, parents, swimmers, etc., and give information e.g. about facilities, activities, merchandise and participants' progress.
  • Check and record the water quality, air and water temperature, etc.
  • Make sure the swimming pool, locker rooms, showers, etc. are clean and tidy.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB