Profession tax clerk

Tax clerks obtain, compile and compute statistical or actuarial data or perform clerical tasks relating to the transactions of insurance establishments, banks and other financial establishments.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Enterprising

Related professions tax


  • Accounting techniques

    The techniques of recording and summarising business and financial transactions and analysing, verifying, and reporting the results.

  • Debt classification

    The different classifications of debt such as public and publicly guaranteed debt, private non-guaranteed credits, central bank deposits, etc.

  • Fraud detection

    The techniques used to identify fraudulous activities.

  • Bookkeeping regulations

    The methods and regulations involved in the process of accurate bookkeeping.

  • Tax legislation

    Tax legislation applicable to a specific area of specialisation, such as import tax, government tax, etc.


  • Inspect taxation documents

    Inspect files and documentation dealing with taxation cases to ensure no faulty or fraudulous activity is present, and to ensure the procedure is compliant with legislation.

  • Calculate tax

    Calculate the taxes which have to be paid by an individual or organisation, or paid back by a governmental institution, compliant with specific legislation.

  • Inform on fiscal duties

    Inform organisations and individuals on their specific fiscal duties and the legislation and regulations involving fiscal processes, such as tax duties.

  • Interpret financial statements

    Read, understand, and interpret the key lines and indicators in financial statements. Extract the most important information from financial statements depending on the needs and integrate this information in the development of the department's plans.

  • Calculate debt costs

    Calculate the amount of money owed and apply basic numeracy principles to do so.

  • Perform clerical duties

    Perform administrative tasks such as filing, typing up reports and maintaining mail correspondence.

  • Prepare tax returns forms

    Totalise all the deductible tax collected during the quarter or fiscal year in order to fill tax return forms and claim it back to the governmental authorities for declaring taxation liability. Keep the documents and records supporting the transaction.

Optional knowledge and skills

insolvency law assess seizable goods manage accounts advise on tax planning accounting department processes observe confidentiality cadastral taxation advise on tax policy use accounting systems check accounting records inspect tax returns disseminate information on tax legislation handle financial disputes research taxation procedures handle financial transactions

Common job titles

  • Accounting clerk ii
  • Property tax clerk
  • Motor vehicle clerk i
  • Administrative assistant/accounting clerk
  • Accounting clerk, part time - (24 hours per week)
  • Receptionist/accounting clerk
  • Administrative assistant
  • Ap/ar accounting clerk (remote in us)
  • Accounting clerk (tax)
  • Office clerk