Profession textile quality manager

Textile quality managers implement, manage and promote quality systems. They make sure that the textile products adheres to the quality standards of the organisation. Textile quality managers therefore inspect textile production lines and products.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Challenging issues in the textile industry

    The efficiency aims and environmental issues posed by challenges in the textile industry.


  • Check quality of products in textile production line

    Able to check characteristics of textile products,like yarns, woven, knitted, braided, tufted or nonwoven textiles, finished cloths, ready-make-garments and determine the product quality along different stages of the textile or clothing production line.

  • Measure yarn count

    Be able to measure yarn length and mass to assess fineness of roving, sliver and yarn in different measuring systems.Also able to convert into the various numbering system such as tex, Nm, Ne, denier, etc.

  • Maintain work standards

    Maintaining standards of work in order to improve and acquire new skills and work methods.

Optional knowledge and skills

test physical properties of textiles use weaving machine technologies use weft preparation technologies portfolio management in textile manufacturing health and safety in the textile industry research and development in textiles evaluate textile characteristics dyeing technology conduct textile testing operations knitting machine technology